Connected Arms is TRIBEconnect’s way of giving back to society. This charity wing is established to connect with Orphans and Widows and all underprivileged persons on the African continent. We aim to meet them at their point of need through Donations, Education and Special Innovative Programs of Empowerment.

The strategy of Connected Arms is not to do this by ourselves but to extend inviting arms to Educational Institutions, NGOs, Religious Organisations, Celebrities,  Philanthropists and all benevolent individuals and organisations. With many arms connected in one spirit and purpose, we can lift up less fortunate men, women and children from physical, mental and spiritual deprivation. Are the men not needed to head and lead the African family?… Are the orphans not part of the generation of future leaders and overseers?…And are the women not mothers of the motherland?…. Let’s connect arms and help them.