The Festival comes with a 3-day-fully packed-Tour-Trip to various historic places in Ghana including visitations to the Slave Castles(Dungeons) in Accra and Cape Coast. The mausoleum of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was the leader of Ghana’s independence struggle and champion of the ideology for the Total Liberation of the African Continent shall be visited and the memorial site of another champion of Black Liberty and Emancipation and one of the first African American Freedom Fighters to permanently relocate to the motherland,  W.E.B Du Bois will also be toured. All persons belong to one tribe or another, we will help you connect with your tribe. Our visitation trips and engagements with the rich culture and people of the Ga Tribe, Ashanti Tribe, Eve Tribe, Fanti Tribe, Northern Tribes etc will give you the experience and opportunity to spiritually connect and discover your tribe. Invited Kings and Queens from the Zulu Tribe of South Africa, Sotho Tribe of Lesotho, Masai Tribe of Tanzania and Kenya, Caribbean Tribal Chiefs and Carnival Dancers will be present to honor and display their rich cultures at this festival. The world has been sadly dampened by the effects of COVID 19 but the power, spirit and resolve of humanity is stronger and always prevails. Let’s put colour back into the world and into our lives at this “Festival of Colours”. Join us to celebrate the Power of Humanity.